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A Funny Thing Happened
Matthew dropped me off before parking his car to pick up the packages and the mail. After I got that all sorted, i got on the elevator, followed by a Korean couple, a Jewish retiree with a fabulous beach-themed necklace, and an Italian lady with an 8-pack of Stella Artois beers.

I said loudly, "Stella! Stella!"

The Italian lady smiled and said, "These are for my muthah. She loves them!"

I said, "Make sure every time she or you opens a bottle, you yell, 'Stella!'"

She said, "Why?"

To which I said, of course, "It's an homage to Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire!"

And she looked at me and replied, "Stella! I'm gonna look that up..."

"Exactly!" I replied exiting the box, noting that the rest of the occupants were giggling at this point.

And then, as I exited the elevator, I heard, "Stella!" from all corners of the box.

My day was complete.

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And to make it complete - a white ribbed tank top.

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