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Bear Week FUN!
Aside from the tummy issues, we did have a great time in Ptown for Bear Week. I mentioned the events I hosted in a previous post (that took me a while to write up for some reason...).

We met TONS of new people and got to see people we hadn't seen in a long while, such as texwriterbear, slothel, and delmarmar Also in attendance were profundis (apparently - didn't get a chance to meet up), thetarnishedowl, mat_t (I think), faghatesgods & mondragon (Matthew saw them  both on separate days from afar),
We got to meet dewittar and fishfin for the first time in person!!  Very happy we were able to meet up and connect.  When I first encountered Rodney and Allen, they both looked so different in 3D than in 2D. Plus, I hadn't expected such pleasanly homey southern accents to come out of them like they have!  Very enchanting couple.

The day we were together at Vorelli's for bloody Marys, the power kept failing throughout the Cape from allowed brownouts. One of the cooling towers at the nearest nuclear plant wasn't cooling as quickly, so they diverted all the power for cooling to one cooling tower and shut the second off, which took some time and created brownouts.

Even still, we got to see some shows, including Miss Richfield 1981, one of our favorites! Those tickets were for Matthew's birthday gift. And we were both well enough to have a nice dinner at the Crown & Anchor and then head to the show! She never disappoints and always brings in some fresh, unexpected stuff. Very fun!
So, yes, we got to experience a lot of what makes Bear Week great: friends, shows, dinners, Tea Dance, and evening dances. But, we just took it all a lot slower than in years past. PLUS, the ultimate greatest thing was that I had no back pain like in 2012.

On the second and last Saturday of Bear Week, we decided to stay till around dinner time. The previous times we had been to Ptown in the off season, we discovered that leaving later in the day allowed everyone else to get off the highway. Our drive went from 7-9 hours (with everyone else leaving the Cape) down to a normal 4.5-5 hour drive home.  We spent the day shopping around, which we didn't do during the week, and spending time with a couple of friends of ours from NYC.
Fun times were had by all! Yay for vacation, Bear Week, and GREAT FRIENDS!!  We're already looking forward toward next year's Bear Week in 2014!!

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Hey bubba! Our plans didn't go quite as expected and we stayed out in CT the last couple days of our trip under the care and hospitality of some pals there. Sorry we missed you, we got stuck at the airport all day that Tuesday due to the plane landing gear foul-up.

Well, that seriously sucks!! Sorry you guys had to go through that. Next time!!

We are conducting a small "apology tour" of sorts for folks we missed or didn't get pictures with during Bear Week because of our separate tummy issues. Literally, our first true, full day of vacation was that Thursday. :-(

There've been LOTS and LOTS of airline failures of late. Happy that for you and your trip, it wasn't that serious as with other airlines and planes and that Capt. Sum Ting Wong wasn't flying yours. :-)

Naw, I think ours was Capt Kent Parker Wright (from the Korean TV response)!

We weren't on that plane but we flew out the next day and OMG the delays were nuts. 7 hours late, I think!

Nope, not me. I was in Costa Rica ;)

D'oh!! Thought I spotted you from afar!! You have a DOPPELGANGER in PTOWN!!

We did the same thing Saturday. You get home around the same time but instead of sitting in traffic you get one last afternoon in town for a leisurely walk and shop about.

Amazing week. Gathering folks for next year already. I'd love a bigger house, a little closer in. Makes for easier costume changes. ;-)</p>

Great seeing you (both) and looking forward to crossing paths again.

Absolutely. We used to be the ones posting along the way about how horrible the traffic and, subsequently, our travel stress was. These last three trips from the Cape, though, have been virtually stress-free and we got to vacation just a little longer! :-)

And, it WAS great to see you out and about. Which might happen again this weekend. We'll be out in the city this weekend. YAY!!

awwww... too much fun. It does sound like an awesome week. Seriously wondering if I could pull off 2014.

Great pictures as always.
You need to email me that picture of the 5 of us. It's a keeper!!!!!

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