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QuikCheck's Stupid Campaign
Lincoln Tunnel
This morning at QuikCheck, the cashiers were trying to lure customers into visiting any QuikCheck at lunchtime for a free submarine sandwich. In order to get the free sub, you had to succumb to a hand stamp.

I had stopped there for veggie snacks on my way to work. It's a "quik stop" off the highway. I overheard the cashier explaining the "Sub Club stamping program" to a female customer ahead of me: Once the cashier stamps a customer's hand, the customer can go to ANY QuikCheck today to receive a free sub sandwich for lunch. The female customer didn't seem to be heading to work (wearing jeans and a polo shirt) and even seemed to consider getting stamped for a free sub later. But she declined.

However, that QuikCheck gets a LOT of business folks throughout the morning on their way to their office. How could QuikCheck possibly expect that these business folks (like me) would want a "Sub Club Stamp" on their hand when they're heading to work (I don't know if that was the title of the program, but it sounds funny...).

My excuse? As I glanced dramatically at my hand and tie, I replied in a short burst of overacting, "Oh, I coudn't possibly have a stamp on my hand like that at the office. **sigh** Thanks, but no thanks."  <-- Not that I would return to any QuikCheck for a free sub for lunch today.  I wouldn't have returned to any QuikCheck even if they had offered some other form of "program conformity", like a paper coupon because I eat my lunch at work.  But, I if I had given the real excuse, I couldn't have been so audibly and visually dramatic this morning. It was invigorating to give the pretense of being high maintenance.  B-)

Somehow the previous customer's lack of enthusiasm left a morning drama void that I had to fill.

The whole thing was strange this morning. Even the cashier was visibly bothered and annoyed at having to ask me to stamp my hand - she even knew I was going to say, "Oh, huh-uh."

I'd never heard of any store offering a hand stamp in the morning for something free at lunch. Stupid campaign.

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It does sound a bit weird. Perhaps someone forgot to include loyalty cards in the budget?

Right? I can't imagine that printing out little coupons would be more expensive than creating and purchasing a stamp for customers' hands. Odd.

If you get the coupon, you can pass it along to Matt, or anyone else who did NOT go to Quik Check that morning, and did not spend money there..

They stamp your hand, and you only you can use that benefit.

But most of us can't wander the office with a stamp like we were clubbing the night before.

Please. You walked around the office with Belinda Carlisle's lipstick prints all over your cheek, the next day, I bet.


Easy fix for them to use the invisible ones that only show under black light, maybe.

I said most of us, not ME. :-P

Yeah, that would have been smarter.

You? You probably have stamps on top of stamps from all of your nights out, and multi-colored paper wristbands from multiple places.


So? What's your point? :-P *keeps dancing*

(The Leo in me thought for SURE you were addressing me...) ;-)

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My point exactly, Joey!

Loves me some morning drama! LOL

What Ed said. It's actually kind of brilliant from a marketing standpoint. Not everyone works in a corporate office. And it is a way of ensuring that the person redeeming is the same person who stopped in.

Like Starbucks "bring back your receipt" but with more authenticity. I like the UV stamp idea though.

Yeah - the UV stamp would make more sense - as a stamp - esp for corporate folks, or just for people who don't want to get asked, "What's that stamp all about, there, Jerry?"

"It was invigorating to give the pretense of being high maintenance."



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